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By: Jamie Edwards

Get to Know Ragged Mountain (NH)

Ragged Mountain is a gem destination that is located at the heart of Danbury, New Hampshire. It spurs a lot of activities, including skiing and hiking for families and corporate events. The best part is that it has a resort that you can comfortably settle in with your loved ones. What’s more, it sits on 250 acres of land to accommodate many visitors who frequent the area.  

Getting There
You can drive to the resort if you are in New Haven with sheer simplicity. The destination is about 226 miles away, and it will take you only 3 hours and 41 minutes. The most straightforward route is to drive northeast via Massachusetts into Vermont and, lastly, New Hampshire. 

The expenses are quite affordable, ranging from $31.99 to $182.99. The costs depend on the number of days that you want to spend in a magnificent place. It can be from 1 day to 3 days, including the lift tickets. Other lodging options are Cardigan Cabins and the New Hampshire Inn that come at pocket-friendly prices. The best part is that you can bring your pets along on a fantastic trip. 
Plus, you have the choice of booking a single room or shared ones so that you can enjoy your stay. The costs also cover the indoor pool that is quite comfy and warm due to the cold weather. Plus, you can have breakfast and dinner at the elegant hotels.  

General Information 
Ragged Mountain resort is a perfect place for weddings and skiing competition programs. It takes pride in 3 terrain parks that are skiable. You can rest easy since you can easily maneuver the paths as you partake in your activities. Other important things to note are restaurants and snowmaking events. If you are new to skiing, you can become a pro by joining the learning center. Additionally, there is a daycare for your kids so that you can fully enjoy the day as a parent. 
Contact the resort so that you can get more details to plan for your trip. 

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