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By: Jamie Edwards

Thank You To All Who Helped Plan This Year’s Trip

Excited to try out the new Blog. I am sure I’m going to miss someone, but there was just a ton effort by lots of people (and sites!) over the holidays that helped us get our 2018 Breckenridge, Colorado Ski Trip Planned. Cross your fingers that everything holds.

To recap some of the details. We will leave on Wednesday March 14 and return on Sunday March 18. Stay 4 nights and ski (up to) 3 days (Thurs-Fri-Sat). Everyone’s flights (check your email) should land between 1230 – 130p.

Right now we talking between a big fancy bus all to ourselves and multiple shuttles. With the bus we can stop and get groceries and booze on the way up. With shuttles we can’t. We don’t have the optimum number of people to take the bus up and is considerably more costly per/person. But we have time to make that all happen and have some good options.

We are staying in a host of different homes through Pinnacle Lodging. Check out some of these homes: https://www.pinnaclelodging.com/. We aren’t sure which yet, but we have enough space booked for everyone. All the homes are fairly close to each other.

Okay. Enough of that. Let me get to the thanking for the ski trip management and creation that was pretty incredible.

First, Joyce P. Thank you for wondering how much lift tickets to Breckenridge would cost. Most of us either have season passes here locally or buy at the window, but Colorado skiing, we found out, is some of the most expensive in the world. $180/day to ski!!! Are you kidding me? No, I’m not.

Tom J. had been out skiing in Vail last year and knew about Colorado Mountain Express. So now we have our backup shuttle if we can’t make the bus work. CME seems to be the cheapest option, but before I get into that, back to Joyce.

Joyce started searching around and here is where everything started to fall in place and get a lot cheaper for all of us. Joyce found Colorado Ski Authority and specifically their Colorado Lift Ticket Prices page where we both started Facebooking each other about the costs. Then we clicked through to their Breckenridge page and filled out a form for some discounts to Breckenridge. Then here is where Joyce’s little find just kept giving and giving.

We got an email back saying sorry, Colorado Ski Authority didn’t have any discounts to Breck–in fact no one does, apparently–and that the only way to get them cheaper is to buy at least 7 days in advance to save around 20%. WHICH WE ARE ALL GOING TO DO. It’ll save about $110/person for 3 days. I still can’t believe that as I type it. So that was a bummer that they couldn’t come through, but I asked the owner Matt if he could help out anywhere else.

We talked on the phone a long while, and here are all the great things that happened.

First, we aren’t doing the big group package through Breck. Matt walked us through how resorts package those and showed us how to make it cheaper by doing it ourselves.

Second, he gave us the tip on buying early.

Third, he also recommended CME for a shuttle option, but he DID have a discount there, and we are saving 10% on everyone’s trips. Not a ton, but it’s going to all add up. Don’t book through CME. We have already done that, so we are good there if we don’t take the bus.

Fourth, he recommended Pinnacle Lodging and that whole team was great. They moved some stuff around for us so we are all near each other. And they confirmed that no one gets discounts on breck tickets.

Fifth, Matt built this tool to compare all of the Colorado ski rental prices in the whole state. So we all can go to whichever store offers the cheapest. There are some discounts baked in there but we can all grab them from wherever we want. Door2Door will also deliver right to our houses.

Sixth, he told us which grocery stores and liquor stores to go to for the cheapest food and wine before we hit the mountain pricing.

Seventh, he provided some options for restaurants and saving money in general on food and just how to best get around Breck and Frisco without getting vacation robbed.

So. A Big THANK YOU to Joyce for thinking ahead and finding. And also a big Thank You to Matt at Ski Authority for giving us all the advice and probably seven different emails all told. I mean, we were full prepared to do the resort package, and while all the numbers aren’t in yet with the transportation and the various ski rentals, just back of the napkin looks like it’s going to be around $450/person. A little more hustle and hassle, but I think the lodging is going to be nicer, too.

We’ll post a page soon with all of the details so everyone knows what’s what.

Can’t wait.


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