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By: Jamie Edwards

Brainstorming and Planning Resources for Your Trip

Planning a ski trip, whether alone or as part of a larger group, is always more complicated than it seems. Below are a few of our favorite resources; we have curated a set of online guides, ski rental, and transportation services to streamline your planning process.


Choosing a Date

This is the most important part of planning your trip. Choosing a. Whether your larger trip involves accommodations, or your small, local trip may include a pre-sale discount, you want to have your date nailed down at least two weeks out when making your plans. If you plan to get on a plane, you should plan your trip well in advance—sometimes by several months. As a rule of thumb, your spring break trips should be finalized by December or January.

When choosing a date, you must consider a variety of factors. For example, if you plan to ski early or later in the year, the conditions may be different than you might see at peak season—when snow is frequent and the snow machines are running. Moreover, peak season will bring droves of people to the mountain, resulting in longer lift lines, tougher terrain (over-skied trails are often rocky and icy), and crowded lodges. If you want to avoid this, consider planning your trip for November/December or March/April.


Getting Your Gear

Getting your equipment together is the next necessary step. If you plan to rent either online, at the mountain, or at a local store, be sure to have your rental plans finalized before heading out. If you own your own equipment, consider using a packing list to ensure you don’t leave important items behind, such as gloves and helmets. Skiers planning trips should be comfortable spending money if they plan to purchase lift tickets at the mountain. Skiing is an expensive sport, but you can often find a variety of discounts and deals in advance online.


Finding the Right Kind of Ski Packages

It’s tempting to look for all-in-one ski packages, and some of these packages can also represent a fair price, but not always. Often times and especially with the resorts themselves, these vacation packages are more about the convenience of making the reservations than the price. That said, there are ways to combine the convenience of these packages with commonly available discounts. Looking to visit the world-class slopes of the Colorado Rockies? Check out the Colorado Ski Authority to get the kind of discounts you would expect from package deals, while still being able to personalize your trip itinerary. Heard about how they have the best snow on Earth out in Utah? Visit the Utah Ski Edge for easy trip planning and online deals.

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